The bigger the building, the larger the savings!
Energy efficiency program offers sustainable energy solutions and contributes to vitality of local businesses.

by Yukon Government (Energy branch/Energy Solutions)

One way to have a major impact on reducing energy consumption is to target larger commercial and institutional buildings. The bigger the building, the larger the energy savings.

The Government of Yukon's Commercial Energy Incentive Program (CEIP) is proving to be successful in encouraging local businesses to improve their energy efficiency.

"By participating in the Yukon government's energy incentive programs, Yukon businesses are choosing to realize cost savings and lower greenhouse gas emissions," Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources Scott Kent said.

The Commercial Energy Incentive Program offers incentives for energy-efficient lighting system upgrades.

Immediately upon announcing the program, Yukon government received calls about the lighting efficiency upgrade. Within three months, six local organizations initiated energy efficient retrofits or lighting upgrades to their buildings.

One such company was Northern Vision Development which upgraded lighting in three of its Whitehorse hotels.

"The Commercial Energy Incentive Program was a key factor in our decision to convert our hotel properties in Yukon to energy-efficient and long-lasting LED lighting systems," Northern Vision Development CEO Rich Thompson said. "We applaud this program which stimulates investment in energy efficiency. This is good for business and good for all Yukoners as it reduces overall energy use and costs in the territory."

To date, 22 commercial buildings including hotels, a curling rink and a vehicle service centre have upgraded to long-lasting LED lamps and fixtures systems. These upgrades represent an approximate annual energy savings of 1,413,627 kWh and an annual cost savings of $169,635. The positive response to CEIP resulted in energy savings roughly equivalent to all of the energy conserved by participants of the Good Energy Incentives Program over the past 10 years but in a tenth of the time! 

One of the key components in promoting this program was a partnership with the local municipality and utility. Both agreed to add a promotional insert in their monthly invoice mail outs to commercial clients.  It is partnerships like these which ensure that efficiency programs can grow through the communities and show long term benefits.

For more information, visit Government of Yukon's Commercial Energy Incentive Program.

Yukon Government (Energy branch/Energy Solutions)


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